Good.  We want you to sell more too.

We've got over 30 years experience at making bottom lines get a lot higher.

We've sold everything from software apps to consulting to socks to cuddly toys.

Who are we?

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The Beard

The Beard is an adventuring entrepreneur.  He's king of the side-hustle, the kind of business that lets you live your life instead of it becoming your life.  He writes copy for people who refuse to be tied down.

The Hat

The Hat has bootstrapped 2 software startups from the ground up.  He looks at the big picture, creating something that can be with you for years, if that's what you want.  He's an expert in copy that builds businesses and brands.

Together, we fight crime.

(Because it's a crime that more people don't buy your stuff, amirite?)

We write sales copy for ourselves, and for other people. Some of our campaigns have generated tens of millions of dollars. And we can write sales copy for you... but you'll need to pay a lot for it.

Like all good things, we ain't cheap.

But that's not the point here.

Here's the thing: we don't just write copy.

We write ABOUT copy.

We write about what makes headlines sell. We write about what to say on your website that won't instantly turn off half your customers. We write about copy that turns a me-too product from AliExpress into a high-priced sensation that people would sell their own mothers to own.

And we do this for ourselves. It keeps us sharp. It reminds us of the stuff we know - and it's a process of discovery, too. Write about what you do, and you learn things you never realise you knew.

But if you're writing, it's good to have people reading.

So that's what we're offering you here.

A look behind our curtain. Sign up, and when we write something like this - which usually happens a couple of times a week - you'll get it too.

And that means if you've got something you want to sell more of, you can pick up a load of tips on how to do it.

Enter your e-mail here, and we'll be in touch.

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